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#Digital #Protected #Producer®, #DP®©

Verify licenses at: https://DigitalProtectedProducer- Licensing

Here’s only a little of what you can do – for you, right now.

Record and resell any of your content using copyrights and licensing… but, without all the costs, filings, and wait times. Be a #Digital #Protected #Producer with major promotions and audiences, instead. It’s as easy as….asking.

Use this license to promote and sell content through all input / exput channels, as much as you want. You decide.

You control what to record, digitize and resell. Add more choices and audiences – that work for you.

What can you do with this license? Use it for: content licensing of digital reproductions from various input/exput channels, may include intent-based networking (IBN), web cloud, events, webinars, IoT, wearables, satellite, hyper-cloud, mobile,,,  Repurposed data may be resold.    

  • Collect data and content through IoT, wearables, cloud, mobile devices, satellite and more. Now you can automate, analyze, assimilate, use A.I., reuse, re-purpose and/or resell content, with plenty of promotion, in new markets, with new audiences, with immediate permissions. ***Your discretion.
  • Gain controls, recordings, tracings, revenues, promotions, audiences, and protections. It’s up to you.
  • Record all kinds of content from events. Now reuse this for webinars, online courses, and more.
  • Sell on-going content subscriptions for recurring and international revenues, tracing these through web, IoT, cloud, or…you name it.
  • Represent and own original content, as used in various channels, to include your name, company, text, words, pictures, charts, voice, face, whatever. You get credit, no other agents needed. ***Your choice.
  • Resell only a portion of anything for each purpose, product, or service. Or, resell the license itself. ***You own the rights – as agreed.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Display notice of this license on content. If the content gets used, you can charge for it, whether purchased directly, or not.
  • DP®© licensing allows content to receive major promotions and publicity throughout media channels. ***Let them do the work, for you. ****

HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN? 1) Identify basic content, channels, and types of uses or purchases. Pay content or volume fees, to get the registered license- as verified, – with an agreement.

That’s it. Controlling your content, work and ability to generate new business has never been easier. JUST ASK!

Phone: 1- 650-349 dash 8384,

Email: Info @ Digital Protected Producer dot com

Mail : 750 Alma Lane, #8231, Foster City, CA 94404 USA,

Put yourself in charge of your content, and your business. Become a #Digital #Protected #Producer® to reach the right audiences, use the right promotions, and maintain your rights. Don’t settle for less.

PRICING: Costs start as low as $25 (yes, you read that correctly), for an individual sale-based on one content / type. The largest organizations using regular digital reproductions, as with webinars, events, courses, pictures, podcasts, publishing, IoT, cloud, web, news services, directories and major advertisers, can start as low as $500. Get a quote for an unlimited content license-with unlimited resales and usages. These costs can be recouped many times over through promotions offered, sales, audiences, via resales, recurring revenues, pass through sales, and more. Buy only the licensing you use most.


  • For licensing, potential for recurring revenues, legal protection agreements, promotions, listings, and more. 
  • Licensing, information and services for Digital Protected Producers® have been developed and approved through: #Princess #Leia #Lucas® Foundations & Trusts, IFNBT®, NEWS®, RIGHTS®, FOSTER®, Life Force Recovery®, CSNP®, Full View® and media services.
  • All our services are intended to support trauma recovery with EMPOWERMENT. Put yourself back in control- of your life.
  • Together we are one. The Force is YOU.“©

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